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Building Bridges

Students are introduced to a design project that will have them design and test a scale bridge. The Internet is utilized as a research tool to gain background information in three basic bridge designs: Beam, Arch, and Suspension.



Built to Last

Students learn about some of the greatest monuments and buildings in the history of architecture. Each student creates a multimedia presentation about a particular structure that includes several different representations of a selected building.



Recycled Racer

In this lesson, students research automobiles and racing to design their own race car. They learn about automobile operating-systems and how recycled materials are used in new vehicles. This would also be a good project for those of you concerned with the environment.



Fluid Power Systems

Students design and build a hydraulically operated robot arm. Using the World Wide Web, students gain background information about fluid principles, hydraulics, pneumatics, and mechanical advantage.



Glide Away

Using the Internet, students learn about flight principles to design a gliding aircraft.



Our Favorite Toys

This lesson introduces students to concepts related to mechanical control systems. Through the theme of mechanical toys, students explore the concept of control systems, and use the Internet to research related concepts. Students conduct a hands-on class activity in which they take apart a mechanical toy and analyze the input, control, and output of the device. Then, they create a multimedia presentation to explain how the control system of the toy works.



Reach for the Sky

In this lesson students explore the technology of vertical architecture. They learn about planning, design, and construction-technology as it relates to tall buildings.



Solar Energy: Become a Sun Chef!

Students design and construct a solar cooker. They use the Internet to research solar collectors and the process of changing light energy into heat energy. Using their research, students consider various uses and designs of solar collectors. The completed solar cooker is then tested by cooking a basic recipe at appropriate temperatures.



Up, Up, and Away

This activity allows students to investigate and apply the laws of physics that govern the flight of helicopters and airplanes. Students build and launch a model rotor, simulating rotors used on helicopters to provide lift. Students then collect, share, and analyze data about the flight of their rotors.



Women Are Popping Up in Technolgy

This is a design project for which students write and construct a pop-up book about women's contributions to technology and science. Students gain information about famous women and learn basic paper engineering. It also features a flash-animated pop-up book about Marie Curie.


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