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Bombs Away Data Sheet

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Procedure: In this activity you will investigate the precision and accuracy of a given data set. To collect the data, you will use a standard Velcro dart game. Follow the instructions listed below and then answer the Analysis questions included in this handout.


  1. Place the dartboard flat on the floor in an area with good vertical clearance.

  2. Stand with your feet at the edge of the board with three darts per person.

  3. Have your partner measure 1 meter from the dartboard and hold a ruler horizontally at this height.

  4. You must hold the dart at the height of the ruler and aim for the center of the dartboard. Drop the dart -- DO NOT THROW THE DART. Use a standard metric ruler to measure the distance the front point of the dart landed away from dead center of the bullseye. Record this value on the table provided.

  5. Repeat this process for each member of your lab group.

  6. Calculate the average distance from the center for each student.

  7. Answer the questions included in the handout.

Student's Name Trial 1
(in cm)
Trial 2
(in cm)
Trial 3
(in cm)
(in cm)
(in cm)