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It's HOW Big?

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Procedure:In this activity you will be creating your own "Standard unit" for cubit. The cubit was a measuring unit used on pre-Christian times. The cubit was set as the length of a man's arm from fingertip to elbow.

You and your partner have been given a piece of rope or cording and some markers. You will need to mark off as many cubits as possible on your standard. You may wish to make some sort of partial cubit marking on your standard. You will be using these standards to measure the objects listed below.

Please make three separate measurements of each object and calculate the average of your findings for each item. Record your findings on the chart shown here. Each team member should measure each item at least once.

Item Measure 1
(in Cubits)
Measure 2
(in Cubits)
Measure 3
(in Cubits)
Average Value
(in Cubits)
Class Average
(in Cubits)
Width of a students desktop          
Height of the door (not the frame!)          
Length of new unsharpened pencil          
Side of one floor tile          
Width of chalk board or whiteboard          
Length of your textbook for this class          
Area of one standard sheet of paper          
Volume of a paper milk carton from the cafeteria          
Diameter of standard CD-ROM          
Height of pencil sharpener from ground up