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Internet Resources

Finding Good Internet Sites

1. Sign on to Web Projects and Web Quests

Once you've chosen a lesson to work with, you can find model lessons created by other teachers in several places, but be sure the educational goals are in sync with yours. You can also begin by joining an existing Web project. These projects involve extensive communication and collaboration, and usually require a longer term commitment. Most of the planning and administrative work is done by the project creators. Some collaborative Web projects are virtual expeditions. In these cases, students follow along online with an expedition team traveling in another part of the world. Students communicate and collaborate with team members, experts in the field, and sometimes with other students. Information is generated in real-time and reported online.

Printable list of Web projects

A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented online tool for learning. This means it is a classroom-based lesson in which most or all of the information that students explore and evaluate comes from the World Wide Web. WebQuests lend themselves to multidisciplinary learning, which makes them ideal for elementary teachers who are responsible for teaching all subjects. For more information on WebQuest, visit Concept to Classroom WebQuest workshop.

2. Look for credentials

Remember that some Web sites might be biased or written with a particular agenda in mind. You might want to rely on Web sites associated with organizations you already know. For example, many magazines and publications have excellent sites. Science teachers might want to start with Popular Science (

You can feel pretty secure that the information on ".gov" sites is reliable. Some good government sites include The United States Geologic Survey ( and the NOAA ( for oceanography.

Most ".edu" sites are also reliable, but make sure you are looking at a departmental Web site and not the personal site of a college student.

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