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Why Use Internet in the Classroom?

NTTI Internet Utilization Strategies

Advice From Master Teachers

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Advice from Master Teachers

Our Master Teachers have compiled a list of ideas and tips that should help you troubleshoot and plan ahead as you prepare your own Internet-based lessons.

General Suggestions

1. Don't get caught up in the hype. Only use the Web when it fits with your curricular goals. Be sure students have a problem to solve or a goal to achieve. No surfing!

2. Expect problems! You're bound to run into technical difficulties, like a server going down at just the wrong moment. Always have a back-up plan for those times when technology fails you.

3. Start small! Don't try to incorporate the Internet into all of your lessons. Begin by familiarizing yourself with the technology and terminology (such as "browser" or "search engine"). Start with one or two Internet-based lessons your first year, and build from there.

4. Always plan your time. The Internet lets you access huge amounts of information. A topic can be covered in great detail, but this takes time. Be sure to decide in advance which core topics are most important to get to, then see which of these lend themselves to online components.

5. Always monitor students, especially young children. Don't have lower level students conduct searches on their own--they don't have the judgment skills to sort through all the information.

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