Featured Collaborative Project: Frosty Readers

Frosty Readers Project
Collaborative project featured in Program 1 where participants read winter-themed literature, complete related activities, and share their work on the Frosty Readers Web site.

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Search site used to find age appropriate projects for your class. You can refine your search using criteria such as "age," "date," "curriculum area" and "technology tools."

Collaborative Projects 101

There are three types of collaborative projects:
Interpersonal Exchange Project
Collaborative Research Projects
Thematic Showcase Project

Example of Interpersonal Exchange Project
Classroom Pet Exchange
Enables students to relate adventures, make new friends, and learn about distant communities with an electronic pen pal.

Example of Collaborative Research Projects
The Classroom Candy Corner
Participants collaborate in collecting data, sharing information.
Starburst Challenge

Example of Thematic Showcase Project
Frosty Readers 2001
Students publish their creative literary or artistic work online, integrating self-generated computer graphics.

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Online Story Sites Featured in The Internet in Action:

The Native American Bedtime-Story Collection
A variety of whimsical Native American bedtime stories for children of all ages.

Interactive texts
Scholastic's Clifford's Interactive Storybooks
Interactive texts which have audio and multiple choice features embedded in the stories, giving readers immediate feedback without the teacher's immediate presence.

Other Online Story Sites:

Online Children's Stories
Lists a wide variety of links to well-known books, folklore, myths, classics, songs, and writings by children.

Children's Stories
A diverse collection of stories for children. Several stories are interactive and can be downloaded to view with pictures, sound, movies, etc.

The Children's Digital Library
Interactive online stories with accompanying activities and a suggested reading list. Theme, content, and age appropriateness divide stories.

The Best Children's Literature
Compilation of links to the best literature for children and young adults available.

Stories to Grow by
A variety of stories which allow students to respond to the literature by writing, drawing, and examining other readers' reactions.