Program 3 in this series of The Internet in Action looks at the increasing use of interdisciplinary approaches and project based learning in the elementary school classroom and examines some of the issues involved in implementing such an approach, including the necessity for team-building and collaboration among teachers. This program also looks at the issue of how girls use technology and strategies for selecting online science projects.

Project Based Learning
Learn about the theories behind project based learning (PBL) and explore the role of PBL in the elementary classroom.

Featured Project: The Energy and Education Industry Project
In this section, you'll take an in-depth look at the plans behind the year-long science project that was featured in The Internet in Action.

Science Projects
Learn about how and where to find online science projects, and how to select those that will work for you.

Girls and Technology
Discover online resources and projects that address the relationship between girls and technology.

Team Teaching
In this section, you'll find tips and advice on building and working in teams.