As growing numbers of states institute high-stakes testing in English Language Arts at the elementary level, questions about how best to teach reading and writing are foremost in the minds of many educators. The first program in this series of The Internet in Action looks at ways in which the Internet can support language arts standards in the elementary school classroom. Interdisciplinary approaches that seek to tap children's multiple intelligences are highlighted. The program features collaborative projects that are facilitated by the Internet and that integrate reading, writing, and other content areas and skills.

Collaborative Projects
Learn what a collaborative project is, and consider how and why to use collaborative projects in your classroom.

Featured Project: Frosty Readers
Take an in-depth look at the collaborative project featured on The Internet in Action. This section includes lesson plans.

Developing Your Own
In this section, you will find useful tips and advice for creating and maintaining a collaborative project of your own from the creator of Frosty Readers.

Electronic Storybooks
Explore the many ways in which electronic storybooks can enhance the language arts curriculum and the skills of developing readers.