In The Internet in Action: The Elementary Years, you saw teachers and students using technology in the classroom to teach and learn effectively. The three programs in the series show practical lessons in action, demonstrating how technology can enhance and develop existing lesson plans, as well as create new facets of interaction between students and teachers and students and the curriculum. The teachers featured in these programs use a variety of approaches to teaching and learning. Interdisciplinary and project based learning feature prominently in their classroom practice.
In this Web companion piece to the series, you'll find resources that expand on the themes of the series. You'll find online resources and background information on everything from team teaching to the latest digital gadgets, as well as practical tips and advice for implementing technology-based strategies in your classroom, from planning through execution and assessment.

Teachers who have already made the commitment to using technology creatively as an integral part of their teaching practice will find ideas for keeping up to date with the latest innovations and information. And teachers who are just getting started using technology as an addition to their teaching arsenal will find practical advice for getting the ball rolling, and resources that will give them the confidence to leap right in.