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NTTI Teacher Projects

In the spring of 2003, NTTI offered two 2-day professional development workshops for New York City-area educators focused on utilizing digital photography and the award-winning PBS series NATURE in the classroom.

After participating in a series of NTTI methodology workshops, which highlighted strategies for creating media-enhanced lesson plans, participants received hands-on instruction on the use and operation of Canon digital camcorders. Following the workshops, NTTI loaned participating schools camcorders for the remainder of the school year.

Participating teachers created and taught media-rich, ecology-based lesson plans to their students, and developed digital film projects in their classes. To view samples of the digital films created by NTTI participants and their students, be sure to watch the videos below.
NTTI thanks the national sponsors of NATURE for supporting the digital projects.NATURE  is made possible by:
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Jungle Medicine Deep Freeze

Dory Marcus
Summit Middle School

Students research jungle medicine, and present the issues in a simulated news interview.
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Nancy Miller
Montville Township HS

Students practice sampling methods, analyze the samples, and draw conclusions about the environment.
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Snakes Bloody Suckers

Robert Redmon
Newton High School

In this class-created video project, students share what they have learned about snakes in various, fun formats.
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Robert Berwick
New Canaan Country School

Middle school students prepare a case and put the chipo bug--a Bloody Sucker--on trial. What will the verdict be?
Blood Sucker
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