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Using the first issue of Overboard, a 13-part Web soap opera/comic book for teens that is part of wNetStation's CLOSE TO HOME Web companion piece, students will use a Web discussion forum as a medium for exploring scenarios that dealing with alcohol and substance abuse. The object of this lesson is to encourage discussion among teens on issues that they might otherwise be reluctant to discuss. The lesson is built on the premise that both adults and students communicate more openly and frankly when role-playing, and via electronic communication. Students will read the first episode of the soap opera, discuss the characters and events in the story, and speculate, using role-play, on the characters' reactions to events. The lesson is designed for high school students but you can gauge the effectiveness and appropriateness of this lesson for your junior high and college students.

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:

Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Creative Writing, Technology

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Discuss topics regarding alcohol consumption and drug use in an open and frank manner.
  • Discuss the influence that alcohol and drugs can have on one's behavior.
  • Discuss the danger that alcohol consumption and drug use can pose for one's relationships with others.
  • Use role-play to examine the characters' motivations and explore their own feelings about these issues.
  • Write a short, narrative piece from another character's point of view.