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I am the Walrus
Overview Procedures for Teachers Organizers for Students

After exploring the Web for information, photos, and QuickTime movies about walruses, students write illustrated autobiographical essays from the point of view of a walrus. The final illustrated essays can be posted to the Web or exchanged with other students.

Students will gather facts about walruses from the NATURE ( site, as well as search for sites on their own. They will record their research in a notebook and save text and images to a disk.

In their essays, students will include detailed information about habitat, behavior, and eating habits, as well as use their imaginations to write a vivid personal account. An important aspect of this lesson is to note what is unique about the walrus in relation to other species. By paying attention to specific details particular to the walrus, students will be able to tailor their essays to the specific topic of walrus life.

This lesson was developed by Master Teacher Al Doyle.

How the Internet is used in the lesson/what tools are used:
  • Students will conduct Internet research.
  • Students will download images and QuickTime movies and rework them for inclusion into their stories.

    Grade Level:


    Subject Matter:

    Science, Language Arts

    Learning Objectives

    Students will be able to:

  • Recognize examples of fictional first-person narrative in literature.

  • Create a fictional first person narrative.

  • Name characteristics specific to the walrus.

    This lesson was funded by the Louis Calder Foundation.