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Vote for Me!
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In this lesson, students conduct a research project on one American President. Focusing on personal and political details, they work in pairs to present selected information in a mock interview. The facts and figures collected by each group are compiled in a presidential facts database used to enhance student understanding of presidential characteristics and chronology. As a final project, students publish their information in a multimedia presentation or informational Web site.

For younger students, this lesson provides an opportunity to identify personal characteristics of the American presidents and come to a basic understanding of their similarities and differences. In the later grades, students investigate the executive office and the events that shape those who serve in our country's highest office.

On Air Resource:
This lesson was designed to corresond with the broadcast of THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, a documentary series airing on Thirteen/WNET New York on April 9th, 2000. If you live outside of the New York metropolitan area, check your local PBS listings.

The lesson also works in conjunction with Thirteen's Web companion piece to THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, The American President Online at, launching April 5th.

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:

Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology Education

Curricular Uses:

Social Studies: American History, Government, Political Process
Language Arts: Reading, Writing
Technology Education: Web Publishing, Mutimedia Presentation Software

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Categorize and evaluate information found during research.
  • Organize and analyze information and draw conclusions.
  • Prepare and present a dramatic role-play.
  • Compare and contrast biographical information.

Use of Internet
  • Students will use the Internet to research information about the American Presidents.
  • Students will publish Web pages to share their findings
  • Student will use e-mail and Web pages to collect data and collaborate with peers over the Internet.

This lesson plan was developed by, wNetSchool Master Teacher, Dory Marcus.