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"Exquisite Corpse" Travel Illustrations
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Picture Students will visit wNetStation's GOING PLACES Web companion piece to see an animated montage of a figure, sectioned into three parts: head, torso, and legs. Each of the three segments is dressed to typify different GOING PLACES destinations. The clothing of each segment changes at different rates so that the head, torso, and legs from three different "bodies" come together to form one figure, or "exquisite corpse."

The term "exquisite corpse" comes from a surrealist game in which participants would contribute separately to the creation of one image. The part of the page drawn on by other participants is folded down so that no one knows what image they are contibuting to.

In this lesson, students will research the geography and culture of various world locations and create drawings, collages, or computer graphics of a figure divided into three segments. Each segment of the students' figures will contain clues as to its geographic and cultural origins. Students will interchange segments to create "exquisite corpses."

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:

Social Studies

Curricular Uses:

Climate, Culture, Geography, Design

  • Learning Objectives

    Students will be able to:

  • Browse the Web to research the climate, terrain, and culture of a particular geographic location.
  • Create original images using collage, computer graphics, and/or traditional drawing materials.
  • Recognize traits of many geographic locales by sharing and combining their illustrations with classmates.

    Use of Internet:

    The Internet is used for research of geographic locales. Basic browsing and navigation are employed as the students learn about different cultures and climates.

    This lesson was developed by Al Doyle, wNetSchool Master Teacher.