Student Organizer-Activity Three
       Cities with the Largest Jewish Population in the Diaspora

City Jewish population of the city Total population of city Percentage of Jews in the city
New York, USA 1,750,000    
Miami, USA 535,000    
Los Angeles, USA 490,000    
Paris, France 350,000    
Philadelphia, USA 254,000    
Chicago, USA 248,000    
San Francisco, USA 210,000    
Boston, USA 208,000    
London, UK 200,000    
Moscow, Russia 200,000    
Buenos Aires, Argentina 180,000    
Toronto, Canada 175,000    
Washington, DC, USA 165,000    
Kiev, Ukraine 110,000    
Montreal, Canada 100,000    
St. Petersburg, Russia 100,000    


  1. Use or whatever resource you would like to find the population of each of the cities listed above.

  2. Calculate what percentage of the city's population is composed of people who identify themselves as Jewish.

  3. Once you have completed the mathematical portion of this exercise, consider the following questions. Make sure you jot notes down for the discussion.

    • What similarities exist in these cities that make them attractive for large numbers of Jewish people? Think about geography, ideology, politics, etc.

    • What types of services and centers exist in these cities that cater to the needs of Jews? For this question, pick one city and use the Internet to search for businesses, industries and community centers that target Jews. For example, are there Jewish neighborhoods?

  4. List 3-5 other questions your statistics raised.
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