Rubric for Tourist Brochure Project

        Required Elements and information:

You must include the following information: Included?
Years in existence  
Seating capacity  
Architect and designer  
Uses of the building  
Distinguishing characteristics  
Photos of the stadium  
Seating Charts  

Rubric for the project:
Areas for Consideration Points Available Points Earned
Required elements listed above:
  • years in existence, seating capacity, address, architect, uses of the building, distinguishing characteristics, photos and seating charts
History of the building:
  • includes historical facts and figures
  • shows the past to present-day conditions of its facilities
  • fun facts and trivia tidbits about the stadium
Quality of writing work:
  • writing is grammatically correct and the information is accurate
  • includes information about the team's most famous or infamous players
Quality of visual presentation:
  • includes photographs that demonstrate the importance of the building to its fans
  • the brochure/booklet is laid out clearly and is easy to read
Something extra: Teacher's Discretion  
TOTAL: 100  
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