Research Log
Solar Energy: Become a Sun Chef!

Using Internet research, answer the questions below on a separate sheet of paper. Include sketches where appropriate.

Use these Web sites for your research:

What Is Solar Energy?

Roofus' Solar Home

Energy Quest-Energy Education from the California Energy Commission

The Sun's Joules

Pizza Box Solar Oven

Solar Cooking

The "Minimum" Solar Box Cooker

1. Find and record the following information about the sun. Note the sources of your information.

Distance from the Earth.

Expected life span of the sun.

Speed at which sunlight travels.

How long it takes sunlight to reach Earth.

2. Define the following terms:





greenhouse effect





3. Describe items that demonstrate absorption, reflection, and insulation of the sun. Sketch examples.

4. List several devices that generate enough heat energy to cook food.

5. Describe factors that causes sunlight intensity to vary in different places around the world.

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