Can You See or Hear Pi?
Understanding Pi

Follow these links and answer the questions based on what you find.

1. Go to Exploratorium -- Pi in Color ( How long would the string of beads have to be if it represented the entire number of pi?

2. Go to Exploratorium -- Pi in Words ( What are the two aspects of pi described on this Web page?

3. Go to Paul's Page of Pi: Music of Pi ( to hear music based on the digits of pi. Do you like this song? Try singing what you hear.

4. Go to Math Forum ( and scroll down the page to find "Irrational numbers." Follow some of the links provided. Be sure to check out RJN's More Digits of Irrational Numbers ( What are examples of other irrational numbers besides pi? Where might one expect to encounter such numbers?

5. Go to The Pi Search Page ( and type a series of digits in the search field. Where did your choice appear in pi?

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