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Native American Storytelling
Overview Procedures for Teachers Organizers for Students

In this lesson, students will work in groups to research and present a Native American legend using a format of their choice: a multimedia presentation, another visual presentation, or a theatrical performance. Students will then individually write their own legends based upon their research.

Grade Level: 4 - 5

Time Allotment: 5 class periods

Subject Matter: Language Arts, History

From the National Standards for the English Language Arts.

Standard 1.
Students read a wide range of print and nonprint texts to build an understanding of texts, of themselves, and of the cultures of the United States and the world; to acquire new information; to respond to the needs and demands of society and the workplace; and for personal fulfillment. Among these texts are fiction and nonfiction, classic and contemporary works.

Standard 4.
Students adjust their use of spoken, written, and visual language (e.g., conventions, style, vocabulary) to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences and for different purposes.

Standard 8.
Students use a variety of technological and information resources (e.g., libraries, databases, computer networks, video) to gather and synthesize information and to create and communicate knowledge.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  •  Develop an awareness of the history of Native American storytelling.

  •  Work cooperatively as a group to present a Native American legend to the class.

  •  Write their own fictional legend, based upon their research of Native American legends.

    This lesson was designed by Pia Matoto.