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Native Americans - Searching for Knowledge and Understanding
Overview Procedures for Teachers Organizers for Students

In this lesson students will study Native Americans in order to become familiar with the contributions to and influences on American society particularly, but not exclusively, in the Western region of the United States. This lesson will focus on some of the cultural history, writings and symbols of the southwestern tribes. After researching, studying and comparing the differences among the various tribes in small groups, students will produce individual reports about a specific Native American perspective. (New Standards E2a*)

Grade Level: 6-8

Subject Matter: Language Arts, Social Studies, History

*New Standards Performance Standards: E2a-Producing a report

Learning Objectives

Through the production of a final report, and meeting the New Standards E2a, students will be able to:

  •  Increase their understanding of the cultural history of other groups.

  •  Engage the reader by establishing a context, creating a persona, and otherwise developing reader interest.

  •  Develop a controlling idea that conveys a perspective on the subject.

  •  Create an organizing structure appropriate to purpose, audience, and context.

  •  Include appropriate facts and details.

  •  Exclude extraneous and inappropriate information.

  •  Use a range of appropriate strategies, such as providing facts and details, describing or analyzing the subject, narrating a relevant anecdote, comparing and contrasting, naming and explaining benefits or limitations.

  •  Provide a sense of closure to their writing.

    Use of Internet:

  •  As a tool for research.
  •  As a tool for communication and collaboration.
  •  As a tool for publication.

    This lesson was developed by BJ BrownJohnson, Community Technology Coordinator, Plainfield Public Schools and wNetSchool staff.