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Celebrating Women: Toni Morrison
Overview Procedures for Teachers Organizers for Students

In this lesson, students conduct research on Toni Morrison's life, her work as a writer, and her major contributions to the field of literature. Students get into groups and decide which of her works they want to read. The groups choose a scene from the novel to perform for the class. Each group member writes an autobiographical essay from the point of view of the character they will play. This presentation and creative writing allows students to explore characters and discover and demonstrate talents that may otherwise be hidden. Students should be encouraged to write journals throughout the entire project.

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:

Language Arts; History; and Performing Arts

Curricular Uses:

Language Arts: Reading; Writing
History: African American History
Performing Arts: Drama; Public Speaking; Singing

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  •  Research using the Internet.
  •  Evaluate information found during research.
  •  Identify character traits.
  •  Analyze, compare, and contrast.
  •  Interpret and dramatize.

    Use of Internet
    Students use the Internet to conduct research about Toni Morrison and the time period in which the chosen scene takes place. They investigate how Morrison became a writer and moved toward the success of becoming a Nobel Laureate. Students also explore Web sites that will help them write their creative autobiography.

    This lesson plan was developed by BJ BrownJohnson, wNetSchool Master Teacher.