Food & Entertainment
Living on Your Own -- Let's Calculate the Cost!

1) Using the prices at the Web site of Kroger's supermarket in Houston ( or a local supermarket, answer the following questions:

What is the average cost per pound of hamburger meat? chicken? steak?

What is the average cost of a loaf of bread? a gallon of milk?

2) On a separate sheet of paper, make an information table like the ones on Apartment Hunting and Car Loans. List five food items in the grocery store (in addition to the items above) that you think are essential to living on your own. What does each cost? How many times a month would you need to purchase each item? How much would you spend on basic food for one month. For one year?

3) What are some ways to cut down on grocery expenses without cutting any items from your list?

4) Visit your local video store and Yahoo's local entertainment directory, and answer the following questions:

How much does it cost to rent a movie for one night?

How much would it cost to rent one movie a week for one year?

What is the least expensive concert available in your area? The most expensive?

What is the average concert price?

Assume that you go to one concert per year and rent one movie per week for one year. If these are your only sources of entertainment, how much would you spend on entertainment for one year? For one month?

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