Apartment Hunting
Living on Your Own -- Let's Calculate the Cost!

1) In your search for a place to live, use the Apartment Search (http://www.apartments.com) Web site to record the following information for 3 apartments.

Location of apartment Rent per month Amt. of security deposit Utilities (heat and hot water) included? Yes or No Total Cost for 1 year (including deposit and utlilities if included)
*Please note: If utilities are not included, the renter will incur further expenditures. Also note that renters are generally responsible for paying for electricity and phone usage.

2) Answer the following questions:

Which apartment has the most expensive rent? The least expensive rent?

How much does it cost to rent each apartment for one year? (Be sure to include the cost of the security deposit and utilities.)

Compare the cost of renting the most expensive and the least expensive apartments. What is the difference in rental costs for one month? For one year? What do you think accounts for the difference in prices among the three apartments?

If you were making a decision about which of these apartments to rent, what factors, in addition to cost, might you consider?

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