Student Organizer
       Personal Narrative Organizer

For this assignment you should imagine that you are a teenager in a particular region or city on a particular date in your chosen country. Write an extensive diary entry as that teenager. A good diary entry should reflect an awareness of the social, political, geographic, and religious life of that country. Some factors you may want to consider are:

What kinds of institutions do governments establish?
What role does the government play in the life of the average citizen?
Is there open access to all kinds of information?
Would you have access to cell phones, computers, cars, etc.?
What kinds of clothes would you most likely wear?
What is the climate like?
How would the climate impact daily life?
Are the people from this region religious?
What role would religion play in daily life?
What kind of education would you most likely have in this region?
What kind of job would you most likely have in the future?
How much money would the average family have?

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