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Here are some factors that could help you get a picture of the culture in your country.
  1. The number of people who speak the official language

  2. The various ethnic groups and their locations

  3. Major cultural artifacts or monuments and their locations

  4. Birth rates

  5. Death rates

  6. Major industries

  7. Level and form of education of the average citizen

  8. The various languages spoken, and the official language

  9. Employment rate of men and women

  10. Level of economic development

  11. Major industries

  12. Kinds of technology used in the country

  13. Dominant religion

  14. Level of income of the average citizen

  15. Most common way of communication in the country

  16. System of government

The following Web sites can help you find the answers to these questions:

Library of Congress Country Study

CIA World Factbook 2001

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