Changing Perspectives on the Japanese Internment Experience:
Rubric for Culminating Projects

Since we are looking at how history is written, students will form their version of history based on one of the following perspectives:

  • The U.S. Government in 1943
  • The U.S. Government in 2001
  • As a survivor of the Japanese-American internment camps


    Total Points

    Points Earned

    The bias or perspective of the project is clear and understandable

    30 points


    The project satisfactorily presents life in the internment camp.

    30 points


    The writing in the project is grammatically correct, even for audio transcripts.

    20 points


    All of the facts are accurate/appropriate based on the perspective of the project.

    20 points


    The project includes audio or visual aids.

    10 points


    The project includes both Internet and print resources.

    5 points


    The project includes a bibliography.

    5 points



    100 points

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