Changing Perspectives on the Japanese Internment Experience:
Activity Guidelines

Select one of the following activities and follow the guidelines listed below.

    Photographic essay:

    • Select 15 to 20 images that demonstrate either the positive or negative aspects of life in the internment camp - depending on your selected point of view.
    • All images should have captions and sources listed.
    • Students should write an essay that accompanies the display of photographs, and explains what aspect of camp-life they are trying to show through the photographs.

    Textbook entry:

    • Write a two-paged essay that gives a general overview of the events leading up the internment, and what life was like inside the camps. Be sure that the facts you choose to highlight reflect your chosen bias.
    • Include a sidebar (about 1/4 page) about one specific aspect about life in the camp.
    • Include photos that would accompany your textbook entry.


    • Newspaper should include at least four articles detailing different aspects of one particular camp. Each article should be approximately 200 words long, with both a headline and pull quote for each article.
    • The newspaper should include three or four photos to accompany the articles, along with photo captions.
    • Every element of the newspaper should reflect your chosen bias.

    Government Press:

    • Write a three-minute speech that announces the call to intern Japanese-Americans, and explains why this is necessary.
    • Prepare to hold a question and answer session in which you answer questions in a manner that reflects your chosen bias.
    • Every element of the newspaper should reflect your chosen bias.

    Children's Book:

    • Write text and illustrate a picture book of at least 5 pages to teach first through third graders. Make sure that the story reflects your chosen bias.
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