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Create a "Hero" Trophy
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In this lesson, students will research and read about the lives of some famous American heroes. They will examine the qualities that make or made these people heroes and how the time period they lived in influenced their images as heroes. After reading about some famous heroes, students will take a look at some lesser-known heroes as well. As a culminating activity, students will select and do research on a hero of their choice. They will make a presentation on the hero’s life and collect materials to create a trophy for their hero.

Grade Level:
Grades 6-8

Time Allotment:
Five to nine 50-minute class periods

Subject Matter:
Language Arts, History, Visual Arts, Technology

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Define attributes of a hero.
  • Read and discuss important heroes from American history.
  • Use writing and visual media to express their thoughts.
  • Reflect on and analyze their actions.
  • Understand and interpret events from a historical perspective.
  • Discuss, compare and contrast cultural values.
  • Read and interpret quotes from famous people on the topic of heroes and heroism.
  • Gather information and do research to create a project.


National Standards:

MCREL Language Arts Standard 4 &StandardID=4
Gathers and uses information for research purposes.

MCREL Historical Understanding Standards
Understands the historical perspective.

MCREL Technology Standard 4 &StandardID=4
Understands the nature of technological design.

This lesson was prepared by: Swati Mody