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Organizers for Students

Use these sites to conduct your research:


Here you will find current information of population in 200 countries around the world.

2. China Population Information and Research Center (CPIRC)

CPIRC is the leading unit of the China Population Information Network (CHINA POPIN), a member of the Asia and Pacific POPIN, and the Global POPIN. This Home Page is designed to provide accessible information about its organizations, tasks, publications, Data User Service, and other related issues.

3. Introduction to China

This site provides links to Geographic, historic, and population data of China.

4. China Data Center-University of Michigan

This is an interdisciplinary center for China data development, GIS researches and spatial studies. ***Click on "population" and then "Fourth National Census."

5. Facts about China

6. Population Reference Bureau

A site providing timely and objective information on population.

7. PopNet

The source for global population information.

8. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

The state of world population in 1999.

9. China Statistics

The National Burea of Statistics of China allows you to explore the various statistics of China.

10. Statistical Data on the Republic of China

11. ABC Country Book of China

China interactive fact book.

12. Interest and Exponential Growth Table

Equations of different types of compound interest.

13. Graphing Linear Functions

14. Graphing Exponential Functions?

15. Exponential Growth and Decay

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