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Pharaoh Phonetics
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What tales did the ancient Egyptians tell? How did they communicate and calculate? This multidisciplinary lesson plan will explore the roots of writing and numbering systems of Ancient Egyptians through the use of unique, interactive Internet resources. Students will learn about, use, and explore museum websites. They will recreate an Egyptian tomb, decorated to include appropriate artifacts and hieroglyphics to tell the story of the life of a typical Egyptian.

Through analysis of Egyptian hieroglyphics and tomb art, students will find a different and more effective way into Egyptian culture. Students will be able to make the connection between these objects and the beliefs they represent and gain a better understanding of the roots of civilization.

Traditionally a venue for advanced research, museums offer unique resources for education. Many museum Web sites provide virtual access to specific collections online with activities appropriate for younger students. These museum Web sites provide an excellent model for students to follow in the collection and presentation of information to be shared on the Internet.

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:

Social Studies, Language Arts, Math

Curricular Uses:

History, Anthropology, Psychology, Religion, Geography, Writing, Numbering Systems

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  •   Understand the purpose of hieroglyphics and identify their role in communicating ideas.
  •   Research the history of writing and itís significance in ancient Egyptian life
  •   Identify the components of hieroglyphics and their representation in art and archaeological artifacts
  •   Interpret the meaning of hieroglyphic symbols and create equivalent translations in modern language.
  •   Compare and contrast characteristics of hieroglyphics and the development of modern writing.
  •   Analyze hieroglyphic symbols to solve mathematical equations.
  •   Create a replica of an Egyptian tomb that will include models of artifacts representing ancient Egyptian civilization.

    Use of the Internet:

    • Investigation/Research
    • Simulation/Demonstration
    • Interactive Multimedia
    • Communication
    • Publication

    This lesson was developed by Dory Marcus, a wNetSchool Master Teacher.