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The Digital Divide
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Here are resource lists for your students to use as they complete the lesson activities. Print the Student Organizer and distribute copies to each of your students.

  • Digial Divide Resource List

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Resource List

  • Research Resource Chart

    Time Allotment:
    Time allotment: This lesson can be modified to fit the time that is available for it.

  • Have there been events in history where one group has had privileges or access to resources that were denied another group because of race, gender, or socioeconomic status?
    • Who was effected by the "divide?"
    • Was there more then one group effected by the "divide?"
    • Does that "divide" still exist today?
    • What is a "divide?"

  • Keeping Track of Research Results

    Use the Resource Chart to gather the following information:

    • What research tool you used?
    • How Many resources did you locate?
    • When are these resources available to you?

    For each resource identify the following

    • What is the resource
    • When was the resource published?
    • Who wrote and published the resource?
    • How many copies of the resource are available?
    • Do you think the information is up to date?
    • How do you know the information is accurate?

  • Is Technology Important?

    • What divide did you research?
    • Who did it effect?
    • What research tool did you use?
    • What were its strengths and weaknesses?


    Who has access to technology?

    • Who did you contact to find out about students access to technology?
    • Do all students have equal access to technology?
    • Are there specific groups of people who not have access to technology?
    • Where did you locate your information?


    Solving the Problem
    • What "divide" did you research?
    • Who did this "divide" effect? (Here, the teacher may want to guide the students to understand that although not everyone is directly affected by a "divide", we are all affected by the suppression of others).
    • Was the information you found consistent with what you knew about the "divide"? What was similar and what was different?
    • From whose point of view was the information you found? Was it biased?
    • Does the "divide" still exist today?

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