Student Organizer
      Activity One- Qualitative Group

Poll Topic: Although the Internet brings people together via chatrooms, e-mail, etc., it ultimately isolates people from one another because they talk less face-to-face and over the phone.

Members of the Qualitative group, interview a Quantitative group member and record their comments in a chart similar to the one below. (You will only need one row since you are only interviewing one person.)

general response comments that support general response comments that contradict general response memorable quote researcher
agreed said he enjoys surfing on the Internet more than hanging out with friends none “I don’t necessarily like it but I’m surfing the Web all the time.” male
agreed but didn’t seem to think that isolation was a problem
disagreed said she feels more connected
to her two older sisters who went away to college now that she has an email account
says she misses the frequent phone conversations she used to have with her sisters “I love the Internet.” has a computer at home
was very talkative

Analysis questions:
Once youíve filled in your chart, convene as a group. Create a chart like the one above that holds all of your data and then use the following questions as a guide to help you analyze your data.
  • How many people generally agreed? Disagreed? Were non-committal?

  • Did you find that most of the statements people made actually supported their general response? If not, do you feel you can use the general responses to accurately summarize your findings?

  • What similarities, if any, did you see between the statements of the people who generally agreed? Between the statements of the people who generally disagreed? Between the people who didnít have an opinion either way?

  • Did you see any other potential patterns emerging, e.g., the people who had computers at home generally disagreed, twice as many girls disagreed as boys, etc.?

  • Were there any statements that seemed to come up over and over again?

Reflection questions:
  • What question did you set out to answer?

  • Do you feel you gained enough information to answer the question?

  • Summarize your findings in one sentence.

  • How did you analyze your findings? How long did it take you? Did you find that it was easy or difficult to analyze the data? Why?

  • In this study, you learned what peoplesí opinions were. Did you also learn why they felt the way they did? If so, how? If not, why not? Did the responses you received raise any new questions you would like to find answers to? If so, what were they?

  • If you were to do this poll over again, how would you improve your analysis?

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