My Own Currency Organizer

The currency system in the chart below is based on powers of 2. This means that it uses "doubles" for its different coins and notes.
  • What are the advantages of this system?

  • Do the coins and notes allow for more combinations than the Japanese or U.S. systems?

  • What disadvantages are there to the system below?

    Notes Coins
    1024 64
    528 32
    256 16
    128 8

Now, imagine that you have just discovered a country. As its founder and ruler, you have to develop a system of currency.

  • How many coins and notes will there be in your currency system?

  • What values will they have?

  • What will you call your new money?

  • What symbol will you use to describe it?



  • What is the name of your currency, and what is its symbol?

  • Explain why the values of the coins and notes you chose make a good system of currency.

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