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imageMOYERS ON ADDICTION: CLOSE TO HOME is a five part PBS series that looks at addiction and recovery in America. The series premiered March 29, 1998. The Web companion piece features Overboard, a weekly soap opera for teens; articles about the science of understanding and treating addiction; original essays and editorials debating policy issues; animated illustrations of drugs' action on the body; and more.

  •  Link to wNetStation's CLOSE TO HOME Web piece.
  •  Link to Overboard, wNetStation's online soap for teens.
  •  Link to Educational Guides for the series.

    Original Lesson Plans

  •  Alcohol Addiction and Its Effect on the Body, Grades 5 - 8.
    Students will conduct research on alcohol addiction and its affect on the liver. The goal of the lesson is to create a classroom environment where students may discuss how alcohol affects individuals, their bodies, and their behavior.

  •  Story Time, Grades 5 - 8.
    This lesson, meant to be used in conjunction with Overboard, will help students identify the elements that make for good storytelling, such as mood and characterization, and plot devices like foreshadowing. Through this lesson's activities, students will have opportunities to analyze, reflect, investigate, and create their own work.

  •  What Will They Do?, Grades 9 - 12.
    Students will read and analyze the first episode of Overboard. Using an online discussion forum, students will discuss and write about a variety of issues around the topic of alcohol and drug use.

    Student Organizers

  •  The Science of Addiction explains what addiction is and how drugs work on the brain, and outlines areas of research into the risks of drug abuse and the possibilities of prevention.

  •  Is My Friend Addicted? This page points out some of the warning signs that students may recognize if a friend is in danger of drug abuse, and makes some suggestions for action.

  •  Profiles includes the story of a student dealing with drug addiction; the observations of a counselor in a treatment center; and the experiences of Dwight Gooden in conquering his drug problem.

    Organizers for Students developed by Thirteen/WNET's Educational Publishing group.

    Role-play Activities

    Utilize the following role-play scenarios to get students to actively participate in a meaningful dialogue about substance abuse and addiction:

  •  Confidences
  •  Drinking/Driving
  •  Educational Programs
  •  Going Out
  •  Levels of Tolerance
  •  Parents/Adults
  •  Siblings

    These role-play activities were developed for Thirteen/WNET's Teen Leadership Institute.