Assessment Rubric for Students
The Three Gorges: Should Nature or Technology Reign?

Requirements for Three Gorges Dam Project Debate

Please use this chart to review all of the requirements before the debate. Make sure you have all of the following components:

Requirements for Debate and Research Completed? Number of Points
Do you have a clear and creative introductory statement?   10 points
Have you presented the opinion of your constituency accurately?   15 points
Is your information based on primary or secondary source material?   10 points
Do you have challenging questions to ask the other groups?   5 points
Are you able to respond to the questions posed by other constituencies?   5 points
Did you use technology or an authoring tool to present your information and argument?   10 points
Do you have a coherent closing statement that sums up all of your main ideas?   10 points
Do you have a bibliography?   5 points
Did all members of the team work cooperatively?   10 points
Were all member of the team engaged and focussed during research and work times?   20 points

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