Cell Phone Plan Background Information
  Directions: Find at least one cell phone rate plan. Record the following information about the plan you find.

1. What is the cost of the plan?

2. What company is offering the plan?

3. How many minutes does the plan allow per month?

4. Is there a fee if the number of allowed minutes is exceeded? If so, what is it?

5. What is the cost per minute if you talk more than the allowed number of minutes?

6. Are there any other fees? If so, describe them and list the amounts.

Directions: As best you can, answer the following questions about cell phone plans. If you don't know the answer, ask a friend, do some investigation, or ask your teacher.
  • What do cell phone companies mean when they refer to "anytime minutes" or "whenever minutes"?

  • What are "night and weekend minutes"?

  • What usually happens when a person exceeds the number of minutes allowed by their cell phone plan?
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