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The Human Rights 101 Teacher Toolkit provides metropolitan New York-area educators and students with the templates and resources they need to apply for, design and implement a Human Rights 101 project. Use the toolkit for ideas on how to design a project with your students, or contact us to find out how you can apply for a Thirteen/WNET grant.

Download the entire toolkit or download just the sections you need. See below for information about the specific materials we provide.

Inside the Teacher Toolkit:

To view these materials, you will need Word and the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free download here. Note that some of these materials (the sample flyers, templates) are provided in Word so that you may edit and print.

Download Entire Teacher Toolkit
Table of Contents
Introduction to Human Rights 101
Request for Funding Letter
Request for Funding Application
Logo & Funding Statement
Funding Statement (PDF)
Human Rights 101 Logo (JPG)
Thirteen/WNET New York Logo (JPG)
Philips-Van Heusen Corporation Logo (JPG)
Press Release Template
Press Points Pages
Thirteen Contacts
Partners & Advisors
Sample Letters
Sample Flyers/Posters for Event/Project Promotion
Flyer 1
Flyer 2
Flyer 3
Flyer 4
Sample School Projects
PBS Program Resource List
Human Rights Organization List
Forms & Reports required by Thirteen for successful completion of the projects
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