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Wide Angle: Saddam's Ultimate Solution
In 1988, Saddam launched a series of biological and chemical attacks against the Kurds, the tragic long-term effects of which are only now becoming apparent. British filmmaker Gwynne Roberts shot inside Iraqi Kurdistan for five years to prepare this unique report on the group that may play a crucial role, equivalent to that of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance, in any military attempt to overthrow Saddam's bloody regime.
See also Frontline/World: The Road to Kirkuk.

Web Site:

Video Clip:
A video clip of Defense Policy Board Chairman Richard Perle discussing Iraq with host James P. Rubin is available on the Web site.

Wide Angle: Greetings from Grozny
Small and fiercely independent, the republic of Chechnya has been embroiled for years in a war for self-determination against Russia. The ruined cityscape of Grozny and the scarred roads and fields of the countryside bear witness to a conflict that has been marked both by brutal occupation and terrorist resistance. This film is a journey that leads the viewer behind the lines on both sides and into the hearts of civilians and soldiers alike.

Web Site:

Video Clip:
A video clip of Ambassador Steven Pifer discussing Chechnya with host Daljit Dhaliwal is available on Web site.

Berga: Soldiers Of Another War
Berga: Soldiers Of Another War is a documentary film revealing Nazi Holocaust atrocities inflicted on 350 American P.O.W.s "classified" as Jewish. The film is the final work in the long and distinguished career of the late documentary filmmaker Charles Guggenheim.

Web Site:

Video Clip:
An excerpt from the film is available to view on the Web site.

Print Guide:
This guide includes an essay and is available through Thirteen's educational print department, please email your request to

Frontline/World: PHILIPPINES-Islands Under Siege
Early this year, amidst military preparations for a war in Iraq, the United States announced it was sending 3,000 soldiers to Mindanao, the southernmost region of the Philippines. FRONTLINE/World correspondent Orlando de Guzman, a Filipino reporter from the north, journeyed to Mindanao, where Muslim rebels are fighting a guerrilla war against the Philippine government - a war in which the United States may soon be embroiled.
See also Wide Angle: Soul of India and Frontline/World LEBANON: Party of God.

Web Site:

Video Clip:
The entire 18 minute film is available to view on the Web site.

Frontline/World: SRI LANKA - Living With Terror
The day after video journalist Joe Rubin landed in Sri Lanka, a suicide bomber attempted to kill the prime minister. The assassination attempt failed but six civilians were killed. Arriving at the scene, Rubin realized that he was standing in a sea of body parts. This film follows Rubin's six-week journey, exploring how an island paradise had become a killing ground.

Web Site:

Video Clip:
The entire 16 minute program is available for viewing on the Web site.
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