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Human Rights 101
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Human Rights 101
A production of Thirteen/WNET New York, this project encourages students to explore human rights issues and the impact that one person or group of people in the metropolitan New York area can make in the international quest for human rights. To learn more, visit Human Rights and You.

Thirteen/WNET New York
A major American cultural and educational institution for nearly four decades, Thirteen/WNET New York supplies more than one-third of all primetime programs aired on PBS, including acclaimed cultural, science, and public affairs series and specials. Thirteen is also a pre-eminent source of Web-based educational content and workshops, providing courses that have reached thousands of teachers, teachers-in-training, administrators, and others involved in pre-K-12 instruction. Thirteen's award-winning Web site features online companion pieces to national series and original online content to complement Thirteen's educational initiatives.
Web site credits

Ed Online:

Executive Producer
Brigitte Magar Matsuoka

Senior Producer
Brian Wong
Content Producer
Jesse Gale
Associate Producer
Sha-Ron Wimbish
Project Coordinator
Laura Leung
Human Rights Profile Writer
Kathleen M. Cochran, Ed.M.
Web Content Advisor
Suzanne Guthrie

Interactive & Broadband:

Director, Interactive and Broadband
Anthony Chapman

Technical Producer
Randy Hall
Mikki Monkolchayut
Art Director/Designer
Sabina Daley
Karen Mattson

Production Artists
Brooks King
Abigail Smith

Technical Director
Brian Patrick Lee
Brian Santalone
Site Illustrators
Abigail Smith
Lenny Drozner

Outreach credits:

Director of Outreach
Macenje Mazoka

Outreach Producer
Suzanne Guthrie
Manager, Local Outreach
Erin Doppes O'Brien
Assistant Outreach Coordinator
Natalie Gabrelian


Associate Legal Director, American Civil Liberties Union
Ann Beeson

Director, Human Rights Education Program, Amnesty International
Karen Robinson
Director, Global Kids, Inc.
Evie Hantzopolus
Executive Director, Children's Rights, Human Rights Watch
Lois Whitman
Special Counsel, Open Society Institute - New York
Rob Kushen
National Coordinator for Global Classrooms, United Nations Association of the United States of America
Glenda Tesalona

Special Thanks:

Adam Newman
Lisa Bouillion

Thirteen Ed Online and Human Rights 101 are productions of Thirteen/WNET New York. Carmen DiRienzo, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Affairs. Ronald Thorpe, Director, Educational Resources Center.

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