East Meets West: Visual Arts in Action
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Mission High School

Join students from Mission High School as they embark on a kayaking and hiking adventure.

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Berkeley High Academy

In the Fall of 2005, Freshman and Sophomores in Berkeley High’s Arts & Humanities Academy were interviewed about their interests in the arts. Meet these California students and find out what they’re all about.”

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The Boys' Club of New York (A)

Meet several young members of the Boys Club in Queens, New york as they tell you about themselves and their lives on the East Coast.

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Hear from young writers of Parlé, an urban magazine, as they describe their journeys through the college admissions process.

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The Boys' Club of New York (B)

Self-perception. Racial identity. Artistic expression. Personal strengths and weaknesses. Respect. Get to know the students of the Boys’ Club as they explore and give their perspectives on these issues and more.

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Meet the staff of HarlemLive, a student-run online magazine based in New York City, and join them as they learn about different aspects of journalism and production as well as the important stories and issues happening in the community around them.

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