East Meets West: Visual Arts in Action
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About ''Arts in Action''

Thirteen/WNET New York and KQED Public Broadcasting in San Francisco, with support from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting and the Estate of Ruffin C. Cooper, join forces to pay tribute to the distinctive and unconventional life work of the artist Ruffin C. Cooper with ARTS IN ACTION -- EAST MEETS WEST. This digital media project provides groups of young people living on opposite coasts of the United States an opportunity to creatively engage the visual arts in expressing varied perspectives on issues that are pertinent to teens today.

Thirteen/WNET has recruited two exceptional after school programs to participate in Arts in Action -- HarlemLive and The Boys' Club of New York (Flushing Clubhouse), both based in New York City. To inspire and arouse dialogue as participants are working on their projects, Thirteen/WNET provided the following public television programs -- GET UP, STAND UP: THE STORY OF POP AND PROTEST, EGG THE ARTS SHOW: FREEDOM, EGG THE ARTS SHOW: MEET THE MICRECIANS, EGG THE ARTS SHOW: INSPIRATION, and SPARK for viewing. KQED Public Broadcasting in San Francisco and its multi-platform arts project, SPARK, are sponsoring two outstanding high schools -- Berkeley High School and Mission High School. In order to enrich the arts experiences of participating students, artists who have been featured on Spark's weekly television program demonstrate their work in a performance or lecture format, and then lead workshops that aim to draw students into their creative processes and inspire student artwork. Throughout the school year, students have participated in unique learning experiences led by a diverse group of artists including hula dancers, a spoken word artist, a professional cartoonist, a shadow puppetry troupe, and a youth theater organization.

All four groups also created introductory videos that will be screened at Thirteen's and KQED's respective welcoming events in spring 2006.