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What is a WebQuest?
What are the benefits of WebQuests?
How did WebQuests start, and how have they developed since they became popular?
What are the essential parts of a WebQuest?
What kinds of topics lend themselves to WebQuests?
What do I need to create a WebQuest?
What are some critical perspectives?
How can I use WebQuests in conjunction with other educational techniques?

What are the benefits of WebQuests?


David Thornburg, futurist and technology specialist, explains why technology requires more teacher-student interaction than ever before. Teachers need to show their students how to judge and evaluate the information they find.
When predictions are made about life and work for the coming decades, there are a few points on which there is nearly universal agreement:

  • Tomorrow's workers will need to be able to work in teams.

  • Individuals will move through several careers in the course of a lifetime.

  • The issues facing citizens will become more and more complex, and societal problems will resist easy fixes or black-and-white categorization.

  • The amount of information available to everyone will grow at an accelerating pace; much of it will come directly from a growing number of sources without filtering or verification.


Dr. Bernie Dodge talks about the skills that WebQuests give to students.
What this means is that tomorrow's workers and citizens will need to be able to grapple with ambiguity. They will need to commit themselves to a lifelong process of learning, honoring multiple perspectives and evaluating information before acting on it. Tomorrow's workers and citizens are sitting in our classrooms today.

Using WebQuests in our classrooms can help build a solid foundation that prepares them for the future.


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