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Step-by-step planning

Step-by-step planning

WebQuest Template: Idea Sheet
Based, with permission, on a WebQuest lesson template created by Bernie Dodge.

WebQuest Title:


Your introductory paragraph should be written above. If students are playing a particular role (i.e., "You are an archaeologist examining Egyptian relics"), you will set it up here. Also, this section should include a summary or overview.


Describe above the end product you expect from these activities. Include details like what questions must be answered, what information must be analyzed, summarized, or organized, what positions need to be adopted and defended, etc.


List the resources students should use for the project here. When listing Web sites, include not only their addresses, but also a description of the relevant contents of the site.


List, step-by-step, the process students should use to complete this task.

Learning Advice:

This section should include information and suggestions about how to structure and organize the material for the Web site that will be the final result of the project. You can include suggestions about graphs, summary tables, Web links to source material -- or this could be a checklist of questions for analyzing material and positions.


Summarize here what you want the learners to have accomplished at the end of this WebQuest. If possible, include some larger or even rhetorical questions that can help transfer what they have learned beyond this specific context.

Hopefully, this template will help you build interesting WebQuests that will help your students explore the world of knowledge and information that is available on the Web. Good luck and happy surfing!

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