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What are some simple ways to get started?
How can I use WebQuests if I have limited or no access to the Internet in my classroom or school?
What are some challenges I might face?
How do I assess students' progress?
How do I introduce WebQuests to parents and the community?

What are some challenges I might face?

Aside from limited computer resources, the biggest challenge you might face is finding time to create unique WebQuests. This challenge can be met by either using pre-existing WebQuests available online, or by designing the first one and using time while students work on it to create other WebQuests. WebQuests shift the way you use your time -- there is a lot of work up front, but after you do this once, you can re-use the WebQuest you create for other classes and adapt it as needed.

The first time you create a WebQuest requires the most work, but as you do more of them, you get faster, and you can also re-use the best ones.

Another challenge is the changing nature of the Web. You might wake up one day and find that a site you relied upon no longer exists. You can solve this problem by whacking 1 all the sites you use -- but if you haven't done that, you might try using the Google search engine (www.google.com) which keeps a cache 2 of all the sites it visits and may have stored the one you can no longer find.

1. 2.

You might also find that the first time you do a WebQuest, your class dissolves into entropy because both students and teacher are not accustomed to working in this way. You may need to give students additional time to get comfortable doing them -- but this is time well spent because it helps groom them to become more independent learners in the future.

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