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"Some Thoughts About WebQuests"
Dr. Bernie Dodge's original paper on WebQuests, which defines WebQuests and some of their characteristics.

"WebQuests for Learning"
An introductory article about WebQuests written by Tom March, one of the first developers of WebQuests.

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 Colleges and Universities
 Schools K-12

Training and Development:

WebQuest: An Online Lesson
An excellent staff development tool for training teachers on how to create WebQuests. It also contains a good resources section.

San Diego City Schools
The Triton Project features exemplary examples of WebQuests.

The WebQuest Page
This page, also created by WebQuest founder Dr. Bernie Dodge, is the main WebQuest resource on the Net, with training materials for teachers and links to numerous WebQuests they have designed.

WebQuest Templates
This site contains templates for designing WebQuests developed by Dr. Bernie Dodge.

A WebQuest About WebQuests
A unique site created by Dr. Bernie Dodge, instructs teachers about WebQuests using a WebQuest format.

Mathew Durant Development Projects
This teacher/consultant at Chelmsford Public Charter School, in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, has developed many WebQuests with topics ranging from Ancient Egypt to pollination. In addition, he provides training and assistance with WebQuest development.

WebQuests for Learning
This site offers expert advice by Tom March on developing WebQuests and the theory behind this learning strategy. Examples and descriptions for each element of a WebQuest are included.

Blue Web 'N
Blue Web'N is a searchable database of over 1,000 blue-ribbon Internet learning sites. It is organized by subject, grade level, and type of learning opportunity (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, and tools).

Spartanburg District 3 Schools
This site provides many resources for building WebQuests, as suggested by educational technology specialists from Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Pacific Bell Knowledge Network WebQuests:

Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Homepage
WebQuests were refined and further developed as a part of this project through which PacBell has funded technology education initiatives in California public schools. The company provided fast ISDN Internet connections to 9,000 public schools as well as funded education fellowships to help students and teachers utilize them. The "Filamentality" program helps students and teachers to create Web sites useful for WebQuest projects. It is available for free on the site, with instructions.

Black History
These six Web sites deal with African-American history.

Searching for China
This site was designed to increase awareness of China and to develop a better understanding of the implications of U.S. government policies toward China.

Look Who's Footing the Bill!
This exemplary WebQuest created by Tom March explores the problems society may encounter as a result of the demands of a new global economy and the national debt of the United States. This site is extremely comprehensive and includes excellent resources.

Colleges and Universities:

Arizona State University West
Elementary-and middle-school WebQuests are featured here -- including vocational WebQuests like CareerQuest and even professional development WebQuests for teachers.

Louisiana State University
A compilation of WebQuests created by graduate students.

Florida State University
A collection of WebQuests designed by education students on literature likely to be taught in schools, from "No Exit" to 1984.

New Mexico State University
These are links to WebQuests designed by students in the Learning Technologies Program at New Mexico State University. Also included are WebQuests designed by teachers and faculty at NMSU involved in an NSF-funded project called Digital Desert Library. Most of these projects were tested by students, and some are offered in Spanish.

National-Louis University
A collection of WebQuests developed by graduate students at National-Louis University, this site contains links to projects ranging from Native Americans to Dinosaurs.

San Franciso State University
This is a collection of student projects primarily for secondary students.

Schools K-12:

Plainfield K-12, Indiana
This large index of WebQuests includes a wide range of topics at all grade levels.

West Greene Middle School, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Holocaust WebQuest
This is an interdisciplinary unit developed by Mrs. Grimes for her seventh graders in order to increase awareness of the Holocaust tragedy.

MaComb County School District, Michigan
A collection of WebQuests developed during a teacher workshop.

Spartanburg District 3 Schools, Spartanburg, South Carolina
This site offers a comprehensive look at WebQuests and includes training materials and many examples of WebQuests developed by teachers in Spartanburg at all grade levels. Also included are links to other collections of WebQuests.

Plainfield High School, Indiana
This site enables students to learn about the economic conditions prevalent during the Great Depression. It was created by Denise Brinker and Atlanta Visker.

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Learn what a WebQuest is through testimonials, reflections, and WebQuest implementations. Developed by San Diego City Schools.


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