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  • Continue working on projects.
  • At end of week, have grand opening of Underground Railroad Museum.
The project was an excellent and creative way for students of all abilities to demonstrate their knowledge and to use their greatest strengths. For example, the weakest student in the class researched the Big Dipper and its significance to the Underground Railroad Movement. For his project, he strung stars from the ceiling in the shape of the Big Dipper, and he wrote a one-page report on it. The most capable student, on the other hand, wrote an eloquent and suspenseful twenty-five-page historical fiction book about slaves escaping the plantations and what they went through to find freedom in the North.

Overall assessment criteria:

  • accuracy of facts
  • effort during work/research times
  • presentation to the class
  • bibliographic information/list of resources
  • spelling and grammar
  • content that was covered
  • creativity
  • cooperated with partners during work times
  • neatness and presentation
The opening of the Underground Railroad Museum represented the culmination of four weeks of research and work for the sixth graders. All sixth graders and their parents were invited to the museum opening.

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