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Key Principles
Step-by-step planning

Step-by-step planning

.   Topics:

  • What is the subject matter you are teaching?
  • Do your students have any previous experience with this topic?
  • How motivated are your students to learn about this topic?
  • What connections can you make to the students' lives to help motivate them about the topic?

imageIf you are planning to have your students research topics on the Internet, this is a good opportunity to research the topic on the Net yourself. This way you can see the issues they may run into. It is also a good time to preselect any sites you may want your students to use.

.   Goals and objectives:

  • What do students want to learn about the topic?
  • What do students need to learn, based on state or national curriculum goals?

IMAGEKeep in mind that the Net offers different ways for students to approach information and communication. As you learn more about the Net, you can challenge your students differently than with standard print resources. You may want to review earlier CONCEPT TO CLASSROOM lessons for different ways to approach your students and learning while using the Net.

.   Amount of time:

IMAGEThe amount of time for these plans depends on many things. In the beginning your students may need more time to locate resources, or they may simply need time to get used to the technology involved. As your classes progress, the time requirement may decrease. You can save classroom time by locating pages or testing searches in advance. Sometimes you may want to point students down the right path. The wrong path can be very long on the Internet

.   Assessment

IMAGESince use of the Net does not define the actual assignment students work on, there are many options for assessment. If students are publishing Web pages, you should consider how you will differentiate between the content of the work and its presentation. Sometimes it will be difficult for a student who designed a beautiful Web site to understand why his or her work was assessed poorly. Be clear with students about what you expect.

.   Supplies:

imageThe supplies you require will depend on your needs beyond the needed technology. For basic work on the Net, you will need at least one computer with a minimum of a modem connection to the Internet. As projects evolve, you may need more and faster access. Make sure you have the needed technology and other supplies before you expect students to complete work on the Net.


Workshop: Why the Net? An Interactive Tool for the Classroom
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