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What are some simple ways to get started?
How can I incorporate the Internet if I have limited or no access to it in my classroom or school?
What are some challenges I may face?
How do I assess students' progress?

How do I assess my students' work?

image - GraphAs with any other project you work on with students, make it clear what you expect the outcome to be. If you are asking students to write a history paper, then the history paper is the assessment item, and the content is what needs to be assessed. You should consider how the Net was used only if you are assessing the technical skills of the students and how they utilize technology.

Because it is so easy to copy and paste text from Web sites, e-mails, and even chat-room conversations, and just as easy to copy images, you need to be extra sure that your students know they must attribute Internet sources properly, just as they would printed words. One place to go for instruction on citing Internet sources is the MLA Short Guide to Citing the Web. (http://www.ithaca.edu/library/htmls/pdf/mlawebshort.pdf)

Workshop: Why the Net? An Interactive Tool for the Classroom
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