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Letter to Administrator
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In this section, we have provided you with the following tools to help you acquire professional development credit for this workshop. If you are interested, we suggest that you print these items and discuss them with your administrator.

Letter to Administrator

download pdf This letter for your administrator provides information about this course and presents the possibility of obtaining credit. We have provided a formal copy of this letter with Thirteen letterhead in PDF format. To open and print the letter, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download for free at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html.

Dear Administrator:

"Concept to Classroom" is a free professional development workshop series that addresses a variety of relevant topics in education today. The workshop series is a production ofThirteen Ed Online, the online professional development site of the Educational Resources Center at Thirteen/WNET New York. You probably received this letter from an educator in your school/district who is interested in receiving credit for their participation in one of the workshops.

The "Concept to Classroom" workshops were developed by experts in the field and reviewed by a select set of education professionals. Each workshop contains information that is directly applicable to the classroom, and is also appropriate for use in pre-service and in-service training in teacher education programs. The course your teacher is interested in is Why the Net? An Interactive Tool for the Classroom and was developed in collaboration with experts Brigitte Magar, Al Doyle, and Peter Jenson. We invite you to visit our "Concept to Classroom" site at http://www.thirteen.org/wnetschool/concept2class/index.html.

In the Why the Net? An Interactive Tool for the Classroom workshop, the educator will learn what the Internet can do for learning and how it can be successfully used in the classroom. In particular, the educator will create a lesson plan following a step-by-step process that offers the educator a broad range of ways to enhance learning. The time involved to complete the workshop is approximately thirty to thirty-five hours. Thirteen Ed Online education experts feel that the time and effort required to participate is worth professional development credit, and recommend that educators who successfully complete this workshop receive two credits.

You should also find two attachments with this letter. we have provided you with some tools to help in your consideration and assessment: a rubric and a syllabus. The Net Rubric is an important conceptual tool that can help you judge the educator's lesson plan based on specific evaluative criteria. We encourage dialogue between staff members and administration to ensure that everyone is using the same vocabulary and a similar background from which to draw on experiences and their work in the classroom. The syllabus presents an outline of the course, including topics that are covered, assignments, and a list of resources.

We hope that these tools will help you and your educator to determine the awarding of professional development credit.

We thank you for your dedication to continued professional development of educators at your school.


Thirteen Ed Online Team

Workshop: Why the Net? An Interactive Tool for the Classroom
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