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Timeline Rubric

Grade students' work using the following evaluations:

  1. Remarkable
  2. Accomplished
  3. Achieved
  4. Attempted
Ask yourself these questions:

I. Choice of Items

  1. Evidence of care taken in choosing items (either most significant or revealing some pattern, or showing cause/effect relationship).
  2. Items meet criteria of assignment; few or no inaccuracies.
  3. Includes required number of items; some inaccuracies.
  4. Does not include required number of items.

II. Chronological Scale and Sequence
  1. Scale consistent and accurate; very appropriate for subject matter; all items in sequence with care taken on placement within increments.
  2. Scale consistent, accurate, and appropriate; items in sequence; increments marked.
  3. Scale roughly drawn; a few items out of sequence; increments marked.
  4. No apparent scale; numerous items out of sequence; time increments not marked.

III. Mechanics
  1. Flawless.
  2. Few mechanical errors.
  3. Some errors in spelling, identification, or dating.
  4. Many errors in spelling, identification, or dating.

IV. Presentation
  1. Visually striking; attention apparent to making timeline an effective tool for communicating information.
  2. Clear, uncluttered, and attractive.
  3. Legible.
  4. Illegible or messy.